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Extra Goodies & Some Monday Entertainment

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Happy Monday, Everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend! The campaign's cranking along - over $24K and 11 days remaining. I wanted to share a few things as we steam ahead:

$40K Goal: If we can continue rallying our awesome community and hit $40k in funding, everyone's getting extra goodies/swag with their shipments. Koozies? Croakies? We'll finalize if we hit it, but guaranteed to be Chipmunk branded and 100% awesome!

We've gotten this far simply through word or mouth and our awesome backers spreading CMB. I honestly think we can hit $40K! If everyone tells their friends, shares on Facebook, etc. we'll get there!

The Laundry Struggle: Poking fun of the laundry struggle has become a favorite pastime of mine. Here are a few videos we made to have some fun with the issue. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks, everyone. Let's do this!!


P.S. The laundry train is leaving, make sure to hop aboard! Instagram and Facebookwill keep you updated with all things CMB!

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