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10 Reasons The ChipmunkBag Is Better Than Your Average Laundry Bag, Laundry Backpack, or Laundry Hamper.

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We set out to create the world's best laundry bag. Paying close attention to design, materials, and functionality, we believe we've accomplished just this. If you are a city dweller or college student who doesn't have laundry in their apartment, we are sure you'll appreciate all the thought we put into The ChipmunkBag.

Here is what sets The ChipmunkBag apart from your average laundry bag or hamper:


1. All-In-One Laundry Solution: The ChipmunkBag is your laundry storage and transportation device. No need for a clunky hamper or multiple Ikea bags.


    ChipmunkBags Laundry Hamper


    2. Easy To Carry: Whether your laundry machine is down the stairs, down the block, or back to mom’s house, The ChipmunkBag's backpack design will help you get your dirties there with ease.


    ChipmunkBag Laundry Backpack


    3. Laundry Sorter: Stay organized with the internal divider that allows you to easily sort your lights and darks.


    ChipmunkBags Laundry Sorter


    4. Large Size: Fit multiple loads of laundry in your 115 liter ChipmunkBag.


    Large Laundry Bag


    5. Stylish: No need to broadcast to everyone it is laundry day. Our design inspiration comes from trend-setting backpack and luggage brands, not current laundry bags.


    Stylish Laundry Bag


    6. Durable: Premium materials and craftsmanship. All high-load areas and strap attachments are reinforced with extra stitching. Your bag is guaranteed to last for years to come.


    ChipmunkBags durablity


    7. Machine Washable: The nylon material resists odor very well. However, if the time comes for a cleaning, the ChipmunkBag is machine washable. Make sure to follow our care instructions for best results.


    Washing bag


    8. Water Resistant: Keep your clean clothes dry if you have to schlep them home in the rain.


    Water resistant laundry bags


    9. Cross-Functional: Since the ChipmunkBag doesn’t look like an average laundry bag, you’ll be using the product for many other uses.


    ChipmunkBags at the beach - more than just a laundry bag.


    10. Warranty: Our main goal is to take care of our customers. If your bag breaks, simply get in touch and we’ll either repair or replace the product.



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