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Back to School Essentials for College Students: The Best Laundry Bags and More

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Ahh – it’s that time of year again. The fresh start that rolls around once a year. Where dreams of awesome GPAs are only trumped by dreams of awesomer times. We’re talking about back to school, and yes, it is the best.

At ChipmunkBags we want to make sure all our eager students are prepared for collegiate success, both inside and outside the classroom. Below is our pick of the undeniable, 100% essential items required to knock the coming year out of the stratosphere.

1) ChipmunkBag

This is a complete no brainer. Why you need one:

  • Store and transport laundry.
  • Duffle bag for any weekend trip imaginable.
  • Will last your entire college career and longer.

Oh yeah, and bags are 20% off through September 4th with discount code “Back2School”.


2) Headphones

Whether you’re crushing a workout or a late night library session, you’re going to need a good set of headphones. If you don’t lose or break stuff, spring for the noise canceling option.


 3) Credit Card

Maybe the parents have cut you off, maybe they haven’t. Either way, college is the perfect time to get a personal credit card to start building credit and earning points. Just make sure you’re responsible with your spending and pay the bill in full every month. Check out NerdWallet’s Best Credit Cards of 2015 to get the pros and cons of each.


 4) Backpack

You’re going to need a good backpack that’s cool and functional. We’re big fans of Topo Designs and Rickshaw Bagworks. Both are made in this beautiful country - Topo in Colorado, and Rickshaw here in SF.


 5) Bedding

A wise man once said you spend a third of your life with your spouse, a third of your life at your job, and a third of your life in your bed. We won’t get involved in the first two, but there’re no excuses for slacking on the third. Check out Casper for a great mattress. They're delivered to your house in a box so you don't have to deal with a mattress salesman. We're also big fans of Rumpl high performance blankets for your bed or any outdoor adventure.




Let’s consider this the starter package. If you have any input on other essentials, drop them in the comments section below. Good luck out there this year folks, we’re jealous.


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