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More Than a Laundry Bag - Backpacking in Desolation Wilderness with ChipmunkBags

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I bought my ChipmunkBag (yes I actually bought one) to tackle the laundry transportation struggle. The bag’s been an absolute maverick in its bread and butter trade and soon got the itch to stretch its legs outside the local fluff and fold. In the high-altitude of Desolation Wilderness, I took The Ranger for a 12-mile in-and-out backpack excursion. How’d it do? Great.

The Ranger was loaded down with all necessary backpacking gear: tent, sleeping bag, cooking supplies, food, water, clothing and weighed in at 30 lbs (30x the unloaded weight of a CMB). Although a minimalist design, the bag hung tough with the other backpacking backpacks in the group. The end result, my gear made it safely to the lake and my shoulders weren’t killing me when I arrived. Success!

The Ranger had a few more uses for the trip, including, serving as our bear sling. All the food was put in the CMB, the bag was thrown over a tree branch, and it spent the night dutifully hanging outside bears’ reach.

This trip reiterated my thoughts that ChipmunkBags aren’t just laundry bags, they are freaking rad laundry bags ready for any adventure. I can’t think of another laundry bag I’d take camping, to the beach, or even… to the laundromat. So, pick up a ChipmunkBag, do cool stuff with it, and make sure to share the adventure with us.

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