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Back to School 2018 | Five Unique Gifts

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Summer vacations are ending and excitement for the upcoming school year is growing. As you search for items to send your college student back to school with, you may be overwhelmed by the options.

We sorted through this year’s back to school items with the following criteria in mind: practicality, quality, and function. Drawing from our own collegiate experience, we chose items we’d like to have as college students (and more importantly use as college students). Below is our list, curated by us at ChipmunkBags – eternal college students.


1. ChipmunkBags Laundry Backpack ($60-$75)

ChipmunkBags Laundry Backpack - Back to School 2018 Gifts

Perhaps we’re biased, I don’t know. However, the ChipmunkBag laundry backpack is a college essential. Whether you’re heading to the dorm laundry facilities, or lugging your dirties back home to mom, the ChipmunkBag is your best option.

The bags are lightweight, unstructured (won’t use precious space in the dorms), durable, and most importantly… stylish. And yes, we think they’re worth the pretty penny. Equipped with a lifetime warranty, the ChipmunkBag will be the last laundry product you need – through your four years at college to when you move to the big city for that high-paying job!


2. Lyft Account (price varies)



Reliable and safe transportation is priceless. There are a few ways to go about this, but, as a parent, one of the best options is by giving your student access to your Lyft or Uber account.

By a student accessing your account, you can keep an eye on the student’s use. We’ll leave it up to you to set the boundaries.


3. Self Journal ($31.99)



Setting goals and executing a plan are priceless skills we can all develop. As students enter college and receive new levels of autonomy, they might need some structure to help balance their academic and extracurricular tasks.

The Self Journal is a great guidebook for setting goals, accomplishing tasks, and strategizing life. More than a journal, the Self Journal is a well-developed tool to help you get the most out of your 24 hours.


4. Subscription to Audible ($14.95/month)



At times, there will be more reading required than hours in the day permit. Why not take advantage of that 20-minute walk to class or hour gym sesh? With a huge range of Audio Books spanning English Lit to Business and Science, Audible can be the needed advantage to ace that pop quiz or writing assignment. Once you ramp up to 1.5x speed, you’ll be crushing books on a weekly basis!


5. Casper Pillow ($75)



When you’re heading to a foreign place such as those college dorms, you might as well bring a comfortable pillow. The Casper pillow isn’t just a pillow – it’s a pillow within a pillow (extra plush!). By resting those growing brains on a comfortable pillow every night, you’re sure to feel more at home.


In Summary

There are hundreds of potential back to school gifts for college-bound students. At ChipmunkBags, we like to focus on quality over quantity. Each of the above items has been vetted by our team. If we were heading back to school, we’d be stoked to have any of the above!

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