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How To Crush Move In Day

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College Move In With ChipmunkBags Laundry Backpacks

College move-in day is just around the corner! It’s like the first day of high school but on steroids. Not only are you starting the school year, you’re moving away from home, living with a stranger, and facing a million new adventures. Super exciting, right? 

While it may seem intimidating, there are a few tips we can share to crush your move-in experience and become comfortable in your new dorm from the start. In our opinion, the foundation for a successful move in boils down to being prepared and having a positive attitude

First things first, it’s helpful to meet your roommate before showing up to the dorms. Hop on a quick FaceTime call to put a face to the name. Figure out where they’re from, what they like to do, what they’re studying, etc. A friendly conversation can go a long way in easing any jitters.  Hopefully, your roommate seems like a good match after your call! 

You can also use this call to learn if your roommate is planning to contribute anything to the dorm. Maybe they have a new 60” flat screen or Xbox they want to share!  

When it comes to actual move-in day, things can be pretty crazy. The campus will be filled with students, parents, and helping hands. People will be flustered about where to go, where to park, and how long they have to get their stuff from the car to the dorm.

Make sure you know the directions to your dorm's drop-off spot and what time you’re supposed to be there (prob helpful to be early). There might be parking, but more likely a quick drop off at the curb. It’s helpful to have all your stuff organized and packed into as few bags as possible (preferably ChipmunkBags laundry backpacks - don't mind the self-promotion :)). You don’t want to be doing five trips carrying pillows, lamps, chairs, and whatever else. 

It’s super helpful to pack light – your clothing, bedding, and a few accessories are pretty much all you need to get started. Once you unpack, you'll get a sense of whatever else your dorm needs. Try and not bring all the gizmos and gadgets you think you need. Save it until you see your dorm and can decide if that espresso maker or teched-out shower caddy is truly needed. If so, head to BBB and see what they have.

We’re pretty jealous you’re heading to school. Epic times await and before you know it, you'll be settled in and on your way to straight A's!

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