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Laundry Day With ChipmunkBags

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Thanks to our friend Rhea and her awesome blog Cateye'd Chronicles for testing out the ChipmunkBag and filling us in on her latest laundry day.


I've lived in NYC since early August and this is only the second time I've done laundry. Gross, I know, but I HATE IT! I let my clothes pile up until I have nothing to wear (but seriously this time!). On my first laundry day, I had three loads worth piled into my ikea storage hamper and literally balanced the thing on my shoulders down my 4th floor walk-up apartment, to the mat and back up.

The bruises on my shoulders were just starting to heal from my last round when I discovered ChipmunkBags, a cheeky company based out of San Francisco that makes wicked cool laundry backpacks for city people like you and me! They're MASSIVE, durable, and easily transportable.

 Laundry day with ChipmunkBags - the ideal laundry bag.

As you can see, I've got my bag filled to the brim. But just to give you an idea of how much they store- I've got a months worth of outfits, 3 towels, a bath mat, a set of sheets, a comforter, placemats and basically every single cloth thing I could find in my apartment to wash. If you're not a sicko like me and do laundry a bit more regularly, yours will actually be able to fold down and snap, and if you are a sicko like me.. they've added an extendable drawstring top. Score.

Laundry day with ChipmunkBags - the ideal laundry bag. 

Just in case you doubted me, here I am stuffing up my bag for the trip home! (I'm whining but the laundry mat is on my block, probably 20 steps from my front door...) Don't mind my bald spot LOL I used the effort it would have taken me to brush my hair to do this laundry. ;)



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