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Friday night got a little wild. After a killer dinner with bae, you find yourself at the local salsa club prepping to hit the dance floor. All you need is some liquid courage – an '05 Bordeaux to be exact. Pop the cork, have a glass, refill, and you’re on the D floor busting moves not seen since freshman year. Bae is feeling it. CPA by day, Cuban dance star by night. That’s when the wheels come off the bus. Bae catches an edge, hits the deck, and the remaining tannins of her left bank red land on your freshly pressed white T. That’s alright – laugh it off, finish strong, and follow these steps as soon after to save your fresh T.



- Item with the wine stain

- Club soda

- Salt

- Paper towel

- Shout It Out - or other pre-wash treatment



                        Step 1: Soak Up That Wine: Grab a paper towel and press it against the stain to soak up as much wine as possible. Make sure to dab (not rub) so you don’t work the stain further into the fabric.

                        Step 2: Keep That Baby Wet: Keeping the stain wet will make it much easier to remove once you can properly wash. Take some club soda and either poor or dab it on the stain. Don’t use hot water as this can set the stain.

                        Step 3: Add some salt: Fully cover, apply liberally, completely douse (you get the point) the stain in salt and gently press the salt on the fabric. The salt will absorb the wine and help remove the stain.

                        Step 4: Repeat: If needed, repeat previous steps.

                        Step 5: Use a pretreatment: Spray some Shout It Out on the stain.

                        Step 6: Launder: Wash the garment as normal – colder temps are recommended so you don’t set the stain.

                        Step 7: Dry: If the stain is gone, feel free to dry in the dryer. If the stain still exists, repeat previous steps and DON’T dry in the dryer. The heat from the dryer will set the stain and make it even harder to remove.


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