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The ChipmunkBags Story


It all started a few years back in the great city of San Francisco. One month, our founder Cooper put off laundry a bit too long. His hamper was overflowing, his sock drawer was empty. When he finally ran out of clean clothes, Cooper did his usual task of transferring clothes from laundry hamper to laundry bag, slinging the bag over his shoulder, and heading to the laundromat. His flimsy sack weighed in at 35 pounds and with no easy way to carry it, Cooper was pushed over the edge. He needed a better laundry bag.


Being unimpressed with the selection of bags available, Cooper decided to take matters into his own hands and make a better laundry bag. A bag that’s big but not unwieldy, easy to carry down the stairs or down the block, looks as good as the clothes it carries, and will last for years to come.


The result is ChipmunkBags® and we unbiasedly think it’s the world's best laundry bag. If you’re not sold yet, just picture this -- your next trip home from the laundromat you can either have 30 pounds of warm, fresh-out-the-dryer laundry on your back or a wiry hamper stabbing you in the arms. Trust us, the first is a much better option!



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